1947 – 1951 Secondary school in Haapamäki  
1951 – 1957 High school in Haapamäki  
1958 High school graduation, Mikkelin lyseo, Mikkeli  
1961 – 1965 Helsinki Technical College, Department of Automobile industry and Transport
engineer (B.Sc.Mech.Eng)
1970 – 1995 Several courses in maintenance, business administration and management by
INSKO, MEC-RASTOR and JTO (Finnish Employers Management Institute)


Finnish (Native tongue)
Swedish – Certificate of Examinsnämden i Svenska språket (satisfactory)
English – Certificate of FINNIDA Language tests (fluent)
German (fluent)
Arabic and Russian (poor)



Familiar with some PC-programme, specially used by projects



Driving licence, class A,B,C and E of Finland, Libya and Kenya, class D of Tanzania



Music, member in a jazzband, instrument tenor saxophon



Founder member of Nakurun Lapset Ry association



1965 – 1970 Vanajan Autotehdas Oy and Autokorjaus Oy, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Technical and after-sales service and spare parts
1971 1971 Retraining into plastics in Ing.Büro für Verfahrenstechnik,
Osnabrück, Federal Republic of Germany
1971 – 1972 Engineering Works K.Widingin Moottoripaja Oy, Hämeenlinna
Chief of the Construction Department
Production of machinery of Valtra-Valmet forklifts, air compressors, hydraulic devices, water pumps, foundry products, plastic molds and tools
1973 – 1976 Oy Polarpak Ltd, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Chief of the Maintenance Department, Production Engineer
Production of packages and one-way products:
- plastic sheet extrusion, vacuum forming, injection molding
- plastic coated paper cups and plates
- tinplate products - tins, jars, gallons, aerosoldoses
Maintenance, repair and manufacturing of tools for plastic, paper and tinplate processing; trouble shooting of all production equipment
1976 – 1979 Oy Nokia Ab Plastics Division, Heinola Works, Heinola, Finland
Plant Manager
Production of corrugated and plain pipes of rigid PVC for drainage and water supply, building materials of rigid, soft and foamed PVC, cable granulates for three cable
works of the Nokia Group. Yearly production rate ca. 8.000 tons
1979 – 1980 Lopin Ltd, Oshogbo, Nigeria
Technical Director for Oshogbo, Ikeja and Iganmu Works
Erection, installation, start up and comissioning a new plastic factory in Oshogbo including 2 MW MAK-diesel power station.
Production of rigid PVC pressure water and sewage pipes with all kind of fittings for the West-African Water Projects and casing pipes for the oil drilling industry.
Extrusion, injection and rotation molding. Yearly production rate ca. 22.000 tons
1980 – 1981 Scandinavian Medical Exporters Ltd. Tripoli, Libya
Branch Manager
Equipping of seven hospitals Zawia, Zliten, al-Khoms, Zuara, Ghat Ubari and Derna and Blood Donor Center in Benghazi.
1981 – 1984 Oy Nokia Ab, Engineering Division, Tripoli, Libya
Branch Manager
Marketing of machinery, electrical and electronics equipment.
1985 – 1986 Finnida/FITC-Nakuru Project, Nakuru, Kenya
(Finnish International Developement Agency/Forest Industrial Training Center)
Training and Maintenance Specialist
Supervision of machinery installations for production and training sawmill.
Supervision of maintenance for logging and transport departments with Valmet
forest harvesters, skidders and Sisu logtransportation trucks
Installation and set-up of machinery workshop
Training of personnel for workshop machinery and trouble shooting
1986 – 1987 Saw-Start Oy, Nakuru, Kenya
Marketing and Branch Manager
Marketing of Forest Industrial consultancy services, renovations and new wood
based industrial projects and machinery in East-Africa, specially in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
1987 – 1988 Domus Fennica Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Project Manager
Planning and erection of exihibition model house in Hamburg, West-Germany
1988 – 1989 Kajaani Oy Oulux (United Paper Mills), Toijala, Finland
Marketing and after sales service of processed woodproducts in Scandinavia and Middle-European countries for the building industry
1990 – 1992

World Bank/FINNIDA/RWA Dar es Salaam Port Development Project
Tanzania Harbours Authority, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Senior Technical Assistant & Training Expert for Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
Supervision and evaluation of consultants providing technical assistance, building constructions, port machinery and oil and gas jetty devices
- formulate Terms of References for experts in the projects
- assist in PCU tasks dealing with port operations and equipment
- assist World Bank financed projects by preparation of bidding documents with
Terms of References, evaluation of bids, contract negotiations, formulate contract agreements, cost and procurement follow up, etc
- Coordinate Bandari College (Port College) training activities

1992 – 1993 Finnish Handicraft Society, Hämeenlinna. Finland
"GOIG-Getting Old Is to Grow"- Handicraft School, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
Building Supervisor
Supervision of all building matters of a school building with the architect, local authorities, contractor and FINNIDA
1993 – 1994 Dorsch Consulting Ing.GmbH, Munich, Germany
Building Expert and Controller for Russian Ministry of Defence
First stage in the Headquarters/CWU of the Russian Army in Moscow. Planning of Sertolovo Building Material Combinate near St.Petersburg.
Second stage in the Headquarters of the Leningrad Army District in St. Petersburg.
Planning and control of Sertolovo Combinate:
- raw materials: procurement and logistics
- energy: heavy fuel storage and transport facilities
- machinery: selection, installation and comissioning
- production: material flow, storage and logistics
1995 – 1997 MEC Consulting Engineers Ltd, Hamburg office, Germany
Export consult
- assistance in logistics and translations for Tarmo Eloranta Ky/Loglines Oy in
logtrade to Wismar and Rostock ports, Germany
- export supervision and backstopping of after sales service and maintenance
of ROLUX-intermodal transport products and paper handling equipment for
Teco-Engineering Oy in Baltic Sea ports in Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Russia
Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland. Duty station in Hamburg
- supervision and backstopping of re-organization and marketing of paper roll
handling machinery (Rolux) for Kotka Shipyard Inc. Kotka, Finland, duty
station in Hamburg
- supervision and backstopping of Travend Ltd, Estonian - Europa Line
port operations, stewedoring machinery, handling of paper products for sea
transport in port area. Duty station Kiel.
1997 – 1998 Wärtsilä NSD Corporation/Sahala International Oy, Khulna, Bangladesh
Barge Mounted Power Plant Project
Assistant Project Manager and mechanical supervisor for 110 MW Diesel Electric Power plant installations.
Responsibility of fuel, water and steam supply networks on shore including pipelines and oil jetty as well as firefighting equipment installations for the plant and tank yard area.
1999 - 2000 Neosol Oy, Lammi, Finland
Technical manager and consultant
Forest products trade and transport from Russia to Finland
2000 – 2001 Alstom Power/Finreila Oy/Surgutneftegas OOO, Surgut, Russia
24 MW Gasturbine Electric Power Plant Project in Surgut/Tjanskoe, Western Siberia.
Project Manager
Responsibility of project building and mechanical installations including
- gas, water, heat and steam supply networks
- all building facilities for the plant
- coordination of electric connections
- commissioning and acceptance by local authorities
2002 – 2003 Synergy Components Ltd, Bolsover, Chesterfield S44 6BB, United Kingdom
Daughter company of Finnish Leimet Oy, Lappi, Finland
General Manager
Manufacturing of pile joints for prefabricated concrete piles for construction companies
In UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Iceland.
Responsible for administration, procurement, production, marketing and company strategy.
2004 -> Retired – technical services and consultancy for building industries