Anna-Liisa and Heikki have been a family since 1958 – it means that this year we will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary! We came to know each other in the year 1953 when Anna-Liisa entered the school in Haapamäki where Heikki was studying. Heikki´s skills as photographer and developer of the photos brought us together: Anna-Liisa had been working the summer months in Stockholm and had bought a camera obscura with her earnings and coming together meant taking of photos and developing them – something else also grew in those moments!

Our son Jukka was born in Keuruu and qualified as technician. His work has taken him mainly to the wide world. His family consists today of two sons, Joonas and Jesse. Joonas works as a salesman in Lahti at a technical sales company. Jesse has educated in a vocational school for metal works.

We have twin daughters in our family. They were with us in Africa and went to school in Nigeria, Libya as well as in the USA. Leena married Ilkka and together they started their globe trottering which took them to many European countries for years. Marja is the mother of 4 sons (Henri, Sampsa, Joel and Klaus). Henri and Sampsa are both studying at the Technical University in Lappeenranta. Joel and Klaus are at school in Lammi.