Heikki Kalevi Jarkko, I was born on the 3rd of November 1939 in a small village called Keuruu in Middle-Finland. The roots on the mother´s side are in the area of Kokkola in Middle -Pohjanmaa and the farm house of father´s family still exists and works in Visuvesi near Ruovesi – not very far from the forest house of Akseli Gallen-Kallela, the famous Finnish painter (1865-1931). According to the American Family Tree DNA-Researches my haplogroup is I1a, which means the routing of my ancestors over Balkan, France and Northern Scandinavia to Finland. Maybe I belong to the clan of Hagar the Horrible Vikings! I am also a technocrat and some call me a story teller

Anna-Liisa Jarkko, born Hulkki, I was born on the 4th of May 1937 in Lehtimäki which is situated on the southern corner of South-Pohjanmaa. My roots on the mother´s and father´s side are strong in South-Pohjanmaa, Kurikka and Seinäjoki, in the DNA Research my haplogroup has been determined to be U5a which means a long journey from the savannahs of Africa in the period of round 30 000 years to Northern Scandinavia and from there further to Finland.

I consider myself to be a “reformer”, i.e. a person who thinks she can make a better world, some of my friends have called me an anarchist (Greek an arkhos = without a ruler or governmental authority) which means that in my mind I have a dream of a society based on the voluntary co-operation of the people - not on the compulsory power dictated from somebody superior to the people

Our family consists of 3 children, namely Jukka, Marja and Leena with Jukka´s sons Joonas and Jesse, Marja´s sons Henri, Sampsa, Joel and Klaus Eloranta and Leena´s husband Ilkka Salminen

Anna-Liisa has enjoyed her retirement years already for some years and Heikki since the beginning of the year 2005. You might think that now we are having nice afternoon nappies but but….we are more busy than ever before – or are we only over estimating our capacity of doing things as we are used to? Maybe. The main activities at the moment are:

  • being active – Heikki a Board Member - in the NGO Nakurun lapset ry which is an development organization helping AIDS-orphanes in Kenya
  • going back to our memories from our life path and putting it all into written form.